The world has changed should the way we worship.

What this means is that we need a little "Faith outside the box."

box explore ideas that are creative and unusual and that are not limited or controlled by rules of tradition.

...Be bold

...Be inspired


Abstract Painting
Church Altar


Take Me To Church

Faith Outside the Box is a thoughtful expression of faith that is relevant to God's presence in our lives today. As the world that we live in continues to change, so do the people in it. Assuming this is true then shouldn't the way we witness and worship in this world change as well?


A Review and Comparison

Being a Christian means that we have the same belief in who Jesus Christ is, however who we are grossly affects how we choose to worship and live out our faith. Making a comparison between generations will provide some insight for welcoming, serving and retaining members of our congregations.  

Three Generations
Person Checking Data


Our Vital Statistics

Does the church have a pulse or is it on life support? In order to meet the goals that we set for our churches,  our communities  and  our world we have to assess a baseline of information or vitals. This approach will help us gauge where we are and where we want to be so we can effectively plan how to get there.


Do Something

Knowledge is a very powerful tool and once we acquire it we have to use what God has gifted us. This is a call to action on whatever conclusions we draw from prayer, study, planning, service, and being in fellowship with one another among other things. If we build it [God's kingdom on earth], they will come!

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