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My name is Kris Munroe and I am an inspired member of the body of Christ. I am in awe of the mighty works of God in every person, every creature and every thing. I see the beauty in the world even through the perfect imperfections that makes us huMAN. I enjoy seeing the many diverse talents that He has gifted us and I love seeing how those gifts overlap, intertwine, and collaborate to become the amazing world that God intended for us. A world full of love, peace, hope, and kindness.

I am a writer and speaker who loves studying the intricate details of God's creation. I have a passion for reading and witnessing the wonder of God's message, His teachings, His people and His amazing love. 

As God has inspired me I hope to be some part of what inspires do your part to build His kingdom on earth. God bless you.

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I believe in one God. I follow ​the belief that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I believe that God the Father and God the Son are a powerful source in action through the Holy Spirit. 

I am a dynamically anew; a personal and ever transforming life in Him. In living a life transfiguratively, I continually experience God in His goodness and grace through the essentials of my faith. Therefore I believe that Jesus Christ is the way and the word, made flesh, who died for us all in order to save us from our sins. I believe that through this self-less act we are all forgiven and in-turn should practice forgiveness.

I believe that we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. I believe in our mission to proclaim the gospel (good news) of our Lord and promote justice, peace & love. I believe that in our pursuit of this mission we need a blueprint to keep us on track. I simply follow a guide and commitment to study and to act while holding myself and others accountable through ministry, worship and prayer.

Church Windows


I am supported by a group of ladies who love serving God. It was through our service to others that we were brought together in worship, fun, and fellowship. During that time we noticed that we ​were severely outnumbered by every generation that preceded us.

Today is a very different world than the days of our Boomer parents. The upbringing of Boomers yielded changes from a once loyal nation of family, church and state to women having to join the work force, men returning home as changed men and no longer part of their families. The worries of the nation of Gen X-ers and Millenniels are of losing our identity in the church. Besides being outnumbered, the state of our nation left us with a serious feeling of duty to change the world through our faith. This calls for worship that exemplifies the identity of all people through our involvement in innovation.

Although we do not worship together on Sunday mornings, the link between our churches and the link that ​is our faith aligns us perfectly as one body, one church. We recognize that being the minority in our churches may not be the same for other Millenniels and Gen X-ers around the globe, but we feel it is important to be a witness to our struggles so that we can enlist help from others.  We'd love to help you and hear from you. 


We are not merely a group of women on a mission to grow our church. We are simply on a mission to grow God's church. In doing so we recognize that the way things have always been may not be what the church needs to be today. Faith Outside the Box is worship of a loving and unchanging God that reflects His love and His children. As the world that we live in continues to change, so do the people in it. Assuming this is true then shouldn't the way we witness and worship in this world change as well?

Faith outside the box means that we have to stay current and relevant so that we can meet the needs of every child of God. Despite what you may believe this does not mean that one size fits all either. Worship should be as diverse as the the melting pot that we call America. 


As churches and communities are unique in style and demographics so many factors should be considered when being progressive about our worship. To take a closer look visit the CHURCH tab.