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born: 1946-1964


They are called Baby Boomers for obvious reasons; they are the largest generation born in the United States .


  • Over 80 million babies were born from 1946-1964 making them the largest generation ever born in the United States.

  • This generation started exactly nine months after World War II ended in 1946 due to Americans desire to return to normalcy.

  • Lived during the mass production of the suburbs because this was the way to build a modest home with minimal financial strain.

  • Suburbia gave birth to the self-help era of advice books and magazine articles.

  • Consumer goods kept up with the age of the boomers. Whatever phase in life they were going through, it was well stocked on store shelves.

  • They fought for social, economic and political equality and justice for many disadvantaged populations like African-Americans, women, homosexuals, and other underrepresented race/ethnicities.

  • Lived through the Mickey Mouse Club and the rise of Elvis Presley to fame.


  • very focused and disciplined

  • extremely resourceful

  • competitive and goal-oriented

  • displayed good work ethic

  • very team-oriented

  • independent and self-assured