Vintage Cameras


born: 1927-1945


  • They are called The Silent Generation or Traditionalists because their parents believed that children should be "seen and not heard." This was largely due to being raised during World War II and the Great Depression. Their parents, the GI generation, did not typically have good relationships with them  as a result of this belief.


  • There were about 53 million total live births between 1927-1945. Due to economic downfall, this was the smallest generation born in the United States of the 20th century. They even had the fewest immigrant population in american history.

  • This generation brought us out of World War II making the United States of America a powerful nation, however they were too young to be viewed as war heroes. This made them rebels without a cause, but this made view conformity as the road to success.

  • The value of education was on a downward trajectory as this generation was some of the youngest parents of previous generation. 

  • As the GI generation began to retire they advanced in jobs quickly so there was very low unemployment.

  • At first they adopted their GI parents views on music, clothing and overall culture, but from young to middle adulthood they began to lead the civil rights movement, anti-war activism and the feminists movement.

  • As older adults, they retired well having defined pension benefits.

  • Politically, they lived during Watergate and as a result pushed to expand the legal process. 


  • appreciate the simple things in life

  • civic-minded

  • hardworking and well disciplined

  • very loyal and respectful of authority

  • have a great appreciation for and placed value in tradition