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born: 1965-1980


  • They are called Generation X because this generation refused to be defined. This is with reference to the variable “x” rather than some other characteristic. They may have felt this way because they are sandwiched between 2 generation cohorts that are twice their size.

  • They were also known as the “latchkey kids”  because they of the tripled divorce rates  resulting in single parenting, late-working, and dual-income parents. This meant that they often came home alone and had to fend for themselves.

  • Because they were born of the largest generation ever, the Baby Boomers, at times they were referred to as the  Baby Busters  or the Post-Boomers.


  • As children, they watched the events of the energy crisis and Watergate. They also watched their parents go through corporate downsizing.

  • The AIDS epidemic was unfolding right in front of them.

  • They faced stock market crashes, economic recessions and hiring freezes. As a result, they have strong survival skills and instincts and are inherently skeptical of all institutions especially financial, political or corporate ones.

  • Witnessed some of the world’s greatest advancements, including space exploration and the development of the computer.

  • Lived through political events like the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, the Challenger, and the release of Nelson Mandela.

  • An integral part of the current work force who questioned  the need for formality at work. This changed dress codes and communication in the work place.

  • They tend to marry later in life, sometimes after cohabitating, and are quicker to divorce


  • Very resourceful, resilient and flexible

  • Overeducated and great at critical thinking

  • Independent and self-Reliant

  • Flexible; ready for change when it comes, and prepared to work through it.

  • Open-minded and tolerant of others